When is Inti Raymi celebrated?

When is Inti Raymi celebrated

Every 24th of June, during the winter solstice, is celebrated the Inti Raymi or Feast of the sun. To pay homage to the Inti, most significant deity in the Inca mythology. It is a theatrical representation that revalues a ceremony established by the Inca Pachacutec named Waka Inti Raymi. More than 700 actors use the typical dress of the Inca culture to represent the Inca, his wife the Coya, the High Priest, the curacas of the Tahuantinsuyo, among others.

The ceremony begins when the actor who personifies the Inca Pachacutec sings to the god Inti, this fact coincides with the clearing of the sky full of fog. Later, more than 700 actors move to the Plaza Mayor of the Imperial city where a multitude of national and foreign tourists want to be the Inca and the Coya, to preserve such experience through a photograph. Amidst applause, the actor who plays Pachacutec is placed on a ceremonial altar prepared in the Plaza Mayor.

In this scenario, the Andean priests carry out the traditional reading of coca leaves in which they predict prosperity to Cusco. Then, the “Encounter of Two Worlds” is carried out, in which it is delivered of a khipu, tool that the Incas used to carry the register and the accounting of the Empire.

During the “Encounter of Two Worlds”, the Inca talks with the current mayor of Cusco motivating to help solve the problems that afflict the population. For its part, the burgomaster of the shift reaffirms its commitment to improve its management. Then, the attendees revel in the music and choreography of the ancestral dances, which are in charge of approximately 500 people.

When is Inti Raymi

The actors who interpret the Inca Pachacutec, the Coya and the royalty enter again to the archaeological park of Sacsayhuamán. The Municipal company of celebrations of Cusco (EMUFEC) is in charge of providing seats to the attendees, but such is the magnitude of the event that more than 50 000 people are located in the hills that surround Sacsayhuamán to appreciate the precise moment in which evokes the maximum D Ivinidad of the Inca culture.

The Inti Raymi festivity concludes when the Inca emits an encouraging message highlighting the value of the love of teaching, work and love. Without a doubt, we suggest to travel to Cusco during this time because this ceremony gives a different perspective on the Inca traditions. Also, we recommend staying at the Hotel Casa del Sol Machu Picchu, whose facilities are designed to provide multi-sensory experience in the midst of sacred and revered lands.

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