Types of tourism in Cusco Peru

Types of tourism in Cusco Peru

Cuzco is perfect for adventure sports, visiting museums, renewing the spirit, knowing the archeological centers, etc. Each of these actions is part of a type of tourism, which is established by identifying the reason for deciding to travel to this department. What’s more, today the tours have begun to consider the tourism classes to create effective tours.

Types of tourism in Cuzco Peru

Then we will talk about types of tourism in Cuzco. Take note and choose the one that most suits to your interests or merges two or more to create your own travel plan.

Adventure Tourism Cuzco

Cuzco is the ideal place for adventure tourism; Its mountains, canyons, dizzying currents and geography in general are the perfect setting for those who enjoy adrenaline. Today, the ancient roads built by the Inca culture serve to practice mountain biking and the rivers of the region are perfect for canoeing.

Classic Tourism Cuzco

Cuzco’s tourist attractions fit perfectly for those who want to do classic sightseeing. The city has spaces in which its history is counted by itself. Its convents, churches, centenary streets, archaeological complexes and museums serve us to obtain more information about the apogee of the Inca Empire, the conquest of the Spaniards. The independence of Peru, etc.

Spiritual Tourism Cuzco

Spiritual tourism is given thanks to the inhabitants of the Imperial city who keep alive the traditions of their ancestors. This is the case of the ceremony to the Mother Earth (Pachamama), the Mountains (Apus) and the Sun god (Inti). That yes, it takes a spiritual guide to perform these rituals because he knows how to use the elements of nature to renew the energies of the people who request their help,

Eco-tourism Cuzco

You can not talk about eco-tourism in Cuzco if you do not visit its 2 mountain ranges: The Nevado de Ausangate and the Salcantay. The same goes for the towns of Anta, Paruro and Chumbivilcas, which are located in a mountainous region where natural pastures predominate. And we can not forget the river Vilcanota: a sacred place for the Incas.

Experiential Tourism Cuzco

The objective of experiential tourism is to promote dialogue between two cultures. The communities of Raqchi, Wiloq and Q´eros offer experiential programs aimed at making tourists feel at home. What’s more, one of the members adopts the role of tour guide to show them the typical food, rituals and the main tourist attractions of their community.


In conclusion, there are different places to visit in Cuzco and they must be chosen according to the interest of each person. This will get you a more complete and enriching journey.

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