The world’s largest loom is in Cusco!


In the district of Pallpata, Espinar, the world’s largest loom was weaved, which has the best cultural iconographies in the city of Cusco. To elaborate it, the artisans and propellers of the loom used 250 kilos of sheep fiber, producing a fabric that measures 288.55 meters. This work was carried out in honor of the 101 years of the province of Espinar.

The loom fulfilled the requirements of Guinness World records since it surpassed Altapestry elaborated in Beijing China, which had an extension of 276, 41 meters. The collection of world records also demanded that the loom beone-piece, manual and with a pre-established design. His work was more strenuous than it seems, as he had to stand out from a list of 40 singular productions.

The people of Espinar had the support of companies that rely on the potential of the handicrafts of Cusco. This support was granted by the district municipality of Pallpata, the mining company Antapaccay and the Alpaca fiber and sheep woolplant of the Marco de Espinar convention. Entities that promoted the elaboration of the loom Cusquenian for half a year.

The fabric of Pallpata has allowed to put in the eyes of the world the work done byartisans and producers Ovineros de Espinar. According to the general manager of the mining company Antapaccay, the loom has managed to consolidate theCusquenian district as one of the main producers of sheep wool, highlighting the high quality of traditional Andean fabric.

Each year,the Antapaccay mining company makes a contribution to the framework agreement of Espinar in order to promote the realization of projects of social characterin the Cusco region. With such contributions we managed to build the Alpaca fiber and sheep wool plant, a place where high quality looms are produced thatare exported at national and international level.

Visit Espinar

The province of Cuzco is characterized by mountain ranges and deep valleys, which are located near the Apurimac and Salado rivers. Espinar has 103 tourist attractions, the same ones that offer the most beautiful landscapes of the region. Therefore, it has become part of the main provinces of Cusco that has abetter tourist offer.

The House of the Sun Machu Picchu 

We recommend you to stay at the house of the Sun Machu Picchu during your visit to the best tourist destinations of Cusco. The hotel will make you partake of Cusco traditions such as the ceremony to the Pachamama or the renewal of Sawacuy vows. In addition, you can enjoy the culinary delights of its Manka restaurant or spend a relaxing day at K’intu Spa, its ancestral therapies are perfect for recovering energies.

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