The most representative stadiums in Cusco

stadium cuzco peru

The Imperial city is no stranger to the passion that football arouses. Today we will talk about the most representative stadiums in Cusco, enclosures in which important sports championships have been developed and where the best players of our selection have stood out.

We will then share important data on these amazing scenarios where Cusqueños fans have held thousands of national and international victories:

Inca Garcilazo de la Vega Stadium

It is located at 3400 meters m, its turf is natural, is owned by the Peruvian Institute of Sport and has a capacity of 42 056 spectators. Currently, it is in remodeling, but is estimated to be operational for this month and will have a capacity to accommodate more than 45 000 people. Here are developed the local parties of the Cienciano and the Real Garcilazo.

Municipal of Espinar Stadium

The total capacity of the Estadio Municipal de Espinar is 12, 000 spectators. This enclosure is located in the village Cusquenian of Yauri, which belongs to the province of Espinar. It is important for the sporting history because in this place was played the first game of play off between the University Club of Sports and the Civil Association Real Atlético Garcilaso, a renowned football club of the Imperial city.

Municipal of Urcos Stadium

It is owned by the municipality of Urcos, its surface is natural grass, has 4 grandstands and has a capacity of 10 000 spectators. In this enclosure were developed the games of the Copa Peru and the matches of the first division of the country. What’s more, in 2004 it was the seat of the Cienciano of Cusco because it was carried out a remodelling in main stadium of Cusco.

Tupac Amaru Stadium

The sports complex is located in the Cusco town of Sicuani. It is owned by the Peruvian Sport Institute, its surface is natural grass and has a capacity of 15 230 spectators. In this stadium are played the games of the Copa Peru, the first and Second Division of Peru. In addition, it is the alternate seat of the Real Garcilazo, recognized Cusquenian team.

Municipal of Condoroma Stadium

The sports venue was inaugurated in 1974, when Club Real Progreso took part in the Peru Cup. It is located in the district of Condoroma, in the highest mountain range of the Andes. It is important for the sporting history because it was the scenario of the classifications of the Real progress. This stadium is attended by many Cusqueños fans, who encourage their local team while it faces its eternal rival: the Andean Falcon. Estadio Municipal de Pallpata.

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