Revive the anniversary of Machu Picchu as a marvel

Revive the anniversary of Machu Picchu as a marvel

Machu Picchu was chosen on July 7, 2007 as one of the 7 Wonders of the modern world. The event took the initiative of the New Open Word Corporation (NOWC) and was under the direction of the Swiss adventurer Bernard Weber. Since then, the population of Machu Picchu Pueblo and the authorities of Cusco gather to commemorate this event.

We want to remember how Edgar Miranda, Mayor of Aguas Calientes, used one of the traditional clothes of Cusco to receive the recognition of the NOWC. The event took place in the city of Lisbon, Portugal. In addition, it could be seen nationally and internationally thanks to a television transmission.

The historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu became a marvel of the modern world next to the Chichen Itza complex, the Christ Redeemer, the Taj Mahal, the Roman Coliseum, the Chinese wall and the city of Petra in Jordan.

Today we will remember how this event is commemorated. It is estimated that during the 2019, more than five thousand people participated in the activities in honor of the anniversary of Machu Picchu as a marvel of the modern world. As every year, a mass was held in the Virgen del Carmen Church and later, the lifting of the national pavilion and the Civic parade took place in the square Manco Capac.

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The institutional parade of greeting to Machu Picchu is another of the activities of the anniversary of the Citadel as a marvel. Its participants come from schools, businesses, associations and private entities.

Also, a gastronomic fair was carried out in which the typical dishes of the Cusco are prepared like the roasted pig, the chuño of Cola, Olluquito with Charqui, Pepian of guinea pig, pork rinds to the Cusco and the Capchi cheese. In addition, an artistic presentation was carried out which was staged at the Estadio Municipal Jose Nouchi Portillo.

In the municipality of Machu Picchu Pueblo, an exhibition of innovative projects of sustainability and quality of life was held. Also, the latest research in the sanctuary was released. All this is in charge of the National Service of natural areas protected by the State, the decentralized direction of the culture of the Cusco and the municipality of Machu Picchu Pueblo.

This is how the anniversary of Machu Picchu Pueblo is celebrated as one of the 7 Wonders of the modern world. However, we do not want to leave without first recommending the Hotel Casa del Sol Machu Picchu, which offers a unique experience that allows you to interact with nature, making it the perfect place to celebrate the anniversary of the Citadel.

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