Places to visit in Cusco live the experience of the Cusco city!

que visitar en cusco

Most tourists think that traveling to Cusco is to go to Machu Picchu’s historic sanctuary and take pictures. However, the Imperial City has several tourist attractions, which allow travelers a complete travel experience.

For this reason, we have prepared an article that will mention the main places to visit in Cusco, spaces full of history, tradition and of course, a lot of adventure.

Plaza deArmas

Historical facts show that the inhabitants of ancient Peru dried a swamp to make this the center of their empire. Today, the Plaza de Armas has temples, buildings, shopping malls, shops, bars and restaurants. It also has excellent lighting, which makes it the ideal place to discover the magic of the city of Cusco.

San Pedro Market

The San Pedro market or Central Market has 93 years of creation. Each one of its positions is perfectly ordered according to the type of product that is marketed. This is how you can find from meats to various handicrafts, which are elaborated by the communities of Cusco. In addition, the market is characterized by being very colorful and festive.


The Pisac archaeological complex is located near the Vilcabamba mountain range. Its terraces are synonymous with the great advance of the Incas in the world of the architecture because only they were able to implement areas of cultivation in lands considered difficult like the slopes of the hills. In addition, this place offers a privileged view of the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


The town of Chinchero is located 28 kilometres from the Imperial city. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains and is of great importance for the history of Peru because it was the only people who did not undergo the Spanish conquest and continued to retain their customs. What’s more, its inhabitants continue to live in the constructions that were erected during the Inca era.

San Blas

The neighborhood of San Blas is one of the most traditional sites of Cusco. Most tourists do not he sitate to say that this place is loaded with good vibes. Itis also a space for art because in its halls, the artisans of the region expose their main works. Moreover, in San Blas Street There are restaurants where you can enjoy the gastronomy of Cusco.


The archaeological ruins of Choquequirao are located near the Salkantay Mountain.To get to this place you should take a 4-day hike because there is no other wayto mobilize. The excursion to Choquequirao is the best that exists because the place has extraordinary landscapes and houses the species that represent the flora and fauna of the region of Cusco. Without a doubt, it is an excellent space to appreciate the most beautiful landscapes of the city.

To conclude, we recommend travelers to stay in the House of the Sun Machu Picchu after having visited the main places to walk in Cusco. This hotel has the best facilities and a great service of attention. It also has a restaurant where you can taste tasty dishes of the Cusco gastronomy.

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