Explore Ollantaytambo: The first stop to Machu Picchu

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Ollantaytambo was the religious, political and military center of the empire. Ollantay is the name of a great Inca general and tambo means place of rest. The latter is due to the fact that both the Vilcanota River and the Patacancha Valley end up in the jungle. The ancient settlers went there because they needed a space in which they could recharge their energies for the road.

When observing the niches and windows of Ollantaytambo, the safest account of the technology used is better than that found in the lower terraces. Also, when climbing each of the steps you will be closer to the Temple of the Sun. It is more, the man and the creed that the mountain of Ollantaytambo was a spirit or Apu, which made it respect its natural form.

Temple of The Sun of The Incas

temple of sun in ollantaytambo

Archaeologists also call it the “Temple of the 10 windows or the one of the 10 niches”. When a person presents his head in one of these niches he will hear an echo. It is believed that the Inca priests came to this part after making their predictions, upon hearing the echo, they transmitted the predictions for the following year in the lower part, where the people heard them.

A love story: Ollantay

ollantay a love story ollantaytambo

Ollantay was a general of the Inca period, this general was not part of the social class by descent. The Inca Pachacuti had a daughter, who wanted to marry the Inca general, but he did not belong to a high social class, he did not see himself marry. The Inca when creating this pyramid system never accepted this union. The general took all the people and made a revolution of 8 years. Until Pachacuti left the power for his son, who makes an agreement so that he has it.


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Stairway for animals

In this place is characterized by floating ladders, the man and the child build this type of terraces to make the most of the territory and because llamas and vicunas can not jump from one terrace to another by their extremities. Since then it can not do it for that kind of bleachers, so it prevents animals from entering the fields

Ollantaytambo: Structure in the rock

In Inca times, houses did not have windows because people used them only to sleep and that in the day they had to work. Moreover, the archaeological evidence shows that the structure in the rock was a barn. By having this window and wide doors, the wind enters the cold of space, which will turn it into a kind of natural refrigerator.

The bathroom of the “Ñusta”

bathroom of the nusta ollantaytambo

The ñusta was the wife of the Inca, the bathroom door of the house is double angled on each side. This place served to purify the body and thus climb clean to the most important part that is the temple of the sun. Without a doubt, it fulfilled a fundamental function for the old settlers.

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