Machu Picchu Information: Everything you need to know before you travel to the Citadel

machu picchu information

The trip to the Imperial Citadel can be even more interesting if you are encouraged to discover all about this important tourist attraction. For this reason, we decided to share in this article the information of Machu Picchu that you need to know before preparing your bags and heading to one of the most important […]

The citadel of Machu Picchu was built by the Inca Empire in 1450, defying the climatic conditions and the geography of the Territory. For this reason, it has become the main tourist attraction in South America. Moreover, in 1981 it was declared by Unesco as a historical and Cultural patrimony of humanity. And in 2007, […]

20 tourist places of Cusco

tourist places of Cusco

There are so many tourist attractions of the Imperial city, which sometimes does not reach the time to visit them all. For this reason, we will share a missed list about the 20 tourist sites of Cusco that everyone should include in their travel plan: Cuzco’s Plaza de Armas The Incas made this territory, their […]

The traditional dances of Cusco

dances cuzco

Many tourists head to the Imperial city to participate in their festivities. For this reason, we decided to elaborate an article about the main traditional dances of Cusco. Most of these dances are characterized by having a strong pre-Hispanic influence, a colorful costume and a tradition that seeks to keep alive among tourists and residents. […]

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