Meet the community of Maras

plaza de armas de maras

The community of Maras has narrow streets and houses of adobe with roofs of quincha and tile. When you visit, you will know the date on which they were built, since most of these houses have a stone inscription of the year in which they were built. In addition, you will be surprised with the order in which people who are dedicated to tourism work.

Maras is a thriving community that has adopted tourism as its main activity, that is, the residents of Maras have focused on undertaking many successful businesses that encourage tourists to learn about the customs of their people. And this goal has been achieved thanks to the participation of its local authorities.

Main tourist attractions

1. The Plaza de ArmasThe Plaza de Armas Maras

The Plaza de Armas of the community of Maras has a monument that represents a couple of peasants and a mule. Below the statue there are 3 images of the archaeological site of Moray, the Salineras de Maras and the colonial church of San Francisco. This place is very visited by tourists who want to take a picture with the monument.

2. Archaeological zoneThe archaeological zone of Moray

The archaeological zone of Moray is one of the main attractions of the community of Maras. It is composed of platforms placed in a circular shape that increases in size. It is said that the farmers of the empire used it as a research center, in which seeds were acclimated to grow in cold and warm areas.

3. The Salinerasvisited by Las Salineras maras

The community of Maras is also visited by Las Salineras, which are platforms that feed several pools to be crossed by a strand of salt water. It is said that, during the colonial era, the Spaniards used them to provide salt to the mountains. At present, the Salt of Maras is administered by a well-known communal company.

4. The Ajawasis

The ajawasis are places where typical food, handicrafts and the traditional chicha de jora are sold. These spaces are visited by thousands of tourists who want to eat delicious and take home a souvenir. Today it is known that the authorities of Maras work in experiential tourism, which works successfully in the community of Misminay.

5. Sanctuary of Tiobambasantuary tiobamba maras cusco

Maras has a viceregal temple called the Sanctuary of Tiobamba. In this place the most representative paintings of the Cuzco school are exhibited as The Last Supper of Jesus. The restoration of the church is in charge of the school San Silvestre and other institutions, which have become an important tourist attraction.

Where to stay?

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Do not wait any longer, travel to the community of Maras and get to know the Plaza de Armas, its archaeological zone, the Salineras, the Ajawasis and the Tiobamba Sanctuary.

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