Machu Picchu Information: Everything you need to know before you travel to the Citadel

machu picchu information

The trip to the Imperial Citadel can be even more interesting if you are encouraged to discover all about this important tourist attraction. For this reason, we decided to share in this article the information of Machu Picchu that you need to know before preparing your bags and heading to one of the most important constructions of the Tahuantinsuyo Empire.

New rules of entry to Machu Picchu

During the 2018, the regulation of sustainable use and tourist visit for the conservation of Llaqta or Inca city of Machu Picchu had certain variations like the new timetables of entry, which serve to establish a limit of visitors. This regulation was applied from the 1st of January of 2019 offering a differentiated sale with revenue from 06:00 hours until 14:00 hours.

Ways to get to the Citadel


Ollantaytambo is the starting point to reach the historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu. Then, tourists can choose between moving by train or tour the Inca Trail, which starts at kilometer 82 of the Ferrovia of Cusco. It is important to say that this route is not suitable for those who do not have a good physical condition, since trekking is a waste activity.

Altitude sickness

The altitude sickness is usually attacking tourists who command to explore the Inca citadel without having gone through an acclimatization period. Said evil is characterized by generating headaches, weakness, sleep disorders, lack of appetite and physical exhaustion. The solution to this problem is to take the first few days calmly, rest and feed properly.

Best time to travel

The historic sanctuary of Machu Picchu is located near the Nevado de Veronica and Salcantay, it is also very close to the Peruvian jungle eyebrow. Due to its Geográgica location, it has a dry season and the rainy season, the first begins in April and ends in September and it is during these months where a high rate of visits is registered. The rainy season runs from October to March and is where the prices of the services are reduced.

The typical dishes of Machu Picchu

The Cusco gastronomy is characterized by merging the tradition of the Andes with the Spanish one. Its main ingredients are cultivated by the communities of the region such as potato, quinoa and maize. Among its typical dishes include the baked pig, the Chuño Cola, Olluquito with Charqui, Chiri Uchu, Pepin of Guinea pig, Kapchi cheese, timpu and guinea pig to the stone.

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