Inca history captured in a hotel in Machu Picchu

hotel en machu picchu pueblo

If you travel to Peru and you want to enjoy and spend some pleasant days in a dream hotel, you should stay at the hotel in Machu Picchu: Casa del Sol Hotels, located right in the middle of the sacred lands of Machu Picchu Pueblo, which will allow you to live an experience between modern and traditional in an environment of inspiration based on our ancestors.

In a true paradise you will feel, if you decide to stay at this hotel, which besides offering a cozy and unique stay, is a place like no other, located below of the immense mountains and from your room you can even hear how the water runs in the Vilcanota river, which is right next door. 

An unforgettable stay at a hotel in Machu Picchu

The facilities of this hotel in Machu Picchu offer you to live in reality surrounded by nature and the masterpiece as are the buildings, the old town of the Incas, which you can enjoy without leaving the hotel. In addition to that each of its spaces is personalized with Andean motifs.

Highlighting that the hotel is renowned for offering incredible experiences and beautiful landscapes. It has an incredible structure and  stands out for its unblemished attention and luxury rooms that leaves all your visitors delighted.

Unique experiences in Machu Picchu

This place does not stop impressing, as it offers all its clients the opportunity to experience the mystical, because they organize ceremonies to the Pachamama, which is an offering to Mother Earth, asking for it to continue providing great prosperity and health.

You can also have a guided tour of Machu Picchu, which is made available so that visitors can know about this place full of history by the Incas in a more comfortable way, the most interesting thing is that you can discover the mysteries that it has.

And to make the stay more magical, those who go as a couple can be part of a Sawakuy vow renewal, with which an Andean priest evokes deities that are sacred to provide much happiness, is also going to be accompanied by a completely romantic dinner with your partner.

Services and amenities that has this hotel in Machu Picchu

Being comfortable and relaxed in a hotel like Casa del Sol will not be a problem and having good services is your specialty. In this hotel you can enjoy the internet so you can stay connected and publish your best photos of the place on social networks, also has a 24-hour reception, concierge service, assistance to the train station that is only five minutes from the place, safe, laundry service, spa, security and others. 

The restaurant that owns this accommodation is one of the reasons why you do not want to leave the place, it offers the best food dishes prepared with supplies coming from the peasant communities that are in their surroundings, which gives it a special touch and makes the tradition stay more alive than ever.

The rich meals prepared by the best chefs of this hotel will leave you surprised, as they stand out with their creativity in every dish, quality and especially the good taste, which is the ideal complement so that while you look at the Cusco mountains through the windows of the restaurant, enjoy the best breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

And in the evening you can enjoy yourself in the bar of this hotel, where you can spend the night tasting a wide variety of drinks you are able to prepare the bartenders for all the guests, who you will not resist.

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