Humantay Lake: An Unforgettable Adventure

humantay lake cuzco peru the most beautiful lake of the world

Cuzco has many tourist attractions that yes or yes you must visit, an example of this is the Humantay lake, a place where you can take photos and participate in Inca ceremonies.

First recommendations

The tours to the Humantay lake of Cuzco are made from very early. Therefore, we recommend you take advantage of the time you will be on the bus to rest because it is two and a half hours of travel. In Mollepata, the district in which the lake is located, you will find control, a space in which you must pay for the entrance to said tourist attraction.

Hike to the Huamantay Lake

The trip to the lake lasts an hour and a half, we suggest you take warm clothes because you will go to a place with a lot of height and we do not want the cold to play tricks on you. Also, we suggest you take some good shoes, make sure they have a non-slip sole. The road is not so long, but if it is exhausting, so you must bring a bottle of water and a cap to protect you from the sun that arises during the midday.

What to wear and what not?

If you are new to this type of excursion, we recommend you go with a group of people that go at your own pace, we also suggest you do not bring so many things. The ideal is to carry a backpack of 35 liters and another one of hydration. Remember that the more weight you carry, the more exhausting the walk will be. Therefore, try to carry essential things like blockers and repellents.

The beauty of the Humantay Lake

La Humantay is the perfect place for lovers of nature, this lake is formed by a mountain of the same name, which is completely covered with snow. The lake captures the interest of thousands of visitors because it is turquoise. In addition, it provides a sense of tranquility, which is ideal for those who feel overwhelmed by stress.

The offering to Pachamama

Most of the tours invite travelers who contemplated the lake to participate in the ceremony of payment to the mother earth or offering to the Pachamama. It will seem incredible to imagine how the inhabitants of Ancient Peru paid tribute to the Apus (spirits that inhabited the mountains). Such an experience will be more enriching if you decide to be part of the Inca ceremony.

Where to stay?

The Hotel Casa del Sol Machu Picchu, hotel in Machu Picchu Pueblo, offers you a unique experience, which will allow you to be in touch with nature. In this way, you will enjoy a space that is located in a mystical place. In addition, this hotel has the best rooms, the same ones that will allow you to rest from all your walks that you will make in the Imperial City.

The Humantay lake has become one of the favorite places in the world. Moreover, there are those who classify it as the most beautiful lake in Peru. For this reason, thousands of people from different parts of the world go to Cuzco in order to appreciate the beauty of this great attraction, becoming an unmissable destination for any traveler.

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