How to choose the best hotel in Machu Picchu?

the best hotel in machu picchu

Most tourists doubt if the place they will stay during their trip to Machu Picchu is the right one. Many think that the best hotel is one that has comfortable rooms while others say that quality of service is a key factor. We offer you 6 key points before choosing the best hotel in Machu Picchu.

Considerations to choose the best hotel in Machu Picchu

  • They are close to the sanctuary

The location is important as it must be close to the historic sanctuary so that guests do not spend so much time and money moving around. Since it is not located in Machu Picchu Pueblo, the nearest town to the Inca citadel, the administrators of such hotels are forced to offer extra services to transport tourists.

  • They make their guests part of the traditions

The best hotels in Machu Picchu encourage their guests to know the customs of the people of Cusco. These places have what it takes to celebrate the traditional Ceremony to the Pachamama, Sawacuy or renewal of votes and of course, allow tourists to know everything related to Cusco cuisine.

  • They have additional services

Guests must find services and artifacts that make them feel at home. It has an important value that hotels have a restaurant, a space for relaxation, spacious rooms with closet, luxury amenities, frigobar, hair dryers, reading lamps, lock systems with magnetic card and an exclusive Inca decoration.

  • They have all kinds of packages

There are people who prefer to travel alone, while there are others who like to travel with their family or friends. The best hotels in Cusco are ready to receive tourists offering packages that suit your trip. Such a feature allows them to invest the necessary amount in housing costs.

  • All its facilities are clean

Tourists take into account how clean the hotel is in which they will stay with their companions. For example, if you travel with your children, they will require that the floors and bathtubs be free of any kind of dirt, as children are always prone to suffer from an allergy, which would be counterproductive to their trip.

  • The quality of the staff

The best hotels in Machu Picchu also have employees who provide excellent service. Tourists who arrive with companions value very much that the reception staff attend them as quickly as possible since they need to replace the energies spent during the travel hours. Also, consider how polite the staff is.

The Casa del Sol Machu Picchu Boutique Hotel

This is a good hotel in Machu Picchu as it is close to the historic sanctuary, allows its guests to know the traditions of the city of Cusco, has its Manka restaurant and a K’intu spa its “sanctuary of relaxation”, its spacious rooms where you enjoy nature and has luxury eco-friendly amenities “ANYAH“, in addition to extremely friendly bilingual Cusco staff, thus becoming the best hotel in Machu Picchu.
You already know, if you are thinking about knowing the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu do not hesitate to consider the factors mentioned above when choosing your accommodation.


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