Ethnic Peru: Clothing in baby alpaca Peru

Ethnic Peru is the leading company in the manufacture, marketing and export of baby alpaca clothing. The corporation uses modern technology to create real artistic expressions inspired by the customs and traditions of the inhabitants of Ancient Peru. Moreover, he is 14 years helping to improve the social economy of the Cusco region.

Baby alpaca clothing

Ethnic Peru: Clothing in baby alpaca Peru

Baby alpaca wool has an important value because it is considered one of the fine and quoted in the market. The width of its individual fiber has a measurement that oscillates between 18 and 22 microns and is extracted from young flames of 2 years. This type of wool is characterized by being soft, silky and bright so in other parts of the world it is called Alpaca Plus.

There is a difference between woven garments with baby alpaca wool and those that are 100% alpaca, the latter are extracted when the camelid is older than two years and produces a harder textured wool. On the other hand, there are two main alpaca breeds: the huacayo (which is covered in wool with the exception of its feet and face) and the Suri alpaca (its wool is silkier and finer).

In addition, suri alpaca breed is characterized by being very skillful in herds, having a fiber as durable as silk, having more 22 shades of fleece and being efficiently thermal.

The commitment of Ethnic Peru

Social responsibility is not an issue unrelated to Ethnic Peru as it intervenes constantly in the improvement of education and economy of the communities of Cusco. For this reason, the company has created successful programs in which it makes the inhabitants participate in the production of their garments. It also plays an important role in preserving its traditions.

Numerous sources of employment

The women of the Cusco communities intervene in the production of garments in baby alpaca wool from Ethnic Peru. The program is called “Group of Mothers organized” and includes approximately 150 women from the communities of the region, which have the great mission of finishing the products with embroidery, fringes or any other finishing that is required.

In this way, the work of the “Group of Organized Mothers” is merged seamlessly with the modern machinery available at Ethnic Peru. Of course, the corporation believes convincingly that the work of these women is the one that ends up giving enormous value to the product. There is in your team, a feeling of pride for each product sold.

You know, every time you look at a baby alpaca clothing remember the work carried out by the companies that produce it. Quality work as Ethnic Peru does.

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