Cuyuni Community Viewpoint and its ecotourism route

cuyuni community of cuzco

The community of Cuyuni Viewpoint is located in the southeast of Cuzco, more than 4000 meters from height. This place is special because its villagers invite tourists to know a little more of their day-to-day, of their chores and the traditions of the Highlands of Peru. This is an unforgettable adventure, where you can see beautiful sunsets.

The ecotourism route of the communal company Mirador de Cuyuni Viewpoint Ausangate Hatun Pukara has grown enormously thanks to the Ministry of Environment and its Co-financing to the Minam + CAF Program of the Ministry of Environment. Of this way, the villagers take more advantage of ecotourism projects, projects such as the “Increase in the profitability of the ecotourism route of Cuyuni Viewpoint”

The use of tools and equipment for the implementation of the Viewpoint of Cuyuni and other changes, were carried out thanks to a total of 200 Thousand Suns, which were provided the Minam + CAF. Such action directly influences In the improvement of the service of the tourists and their route the viewpoint of Cuyuni viewpoint Ausangate Pukara.

Ecotourism in the Cuyuni Community

The ecotourism route includes tours to the famous Viewpoit of Sicuani, visits to the Holy Cross where an Andean ritual is made in which payment is made to Pachamama or Mother Earth, walks to the land where the The region’s main agricultural activities. In addition, one of the traditions is the Development of the rope, a process that emphasizes the role of each woman in the Community.

The circuit of Cuyuni viewpoint unveils the ancestral customs of the region and the great Work done by your community in favor of the environment and gender equity. The 200,000 soles of funding for the Minam + CAF program has enabled it to provide a Greater strength to the Organization and thereby improve the quality of service for Tourists. This was stated by the President of the association in charge of the route, Antenor Percca.

Ronald Cruz Baca, municipal authority of Ccatcca indicated that this type of funding helps boost tourism in Cuyuni viewpoint and other communities of Cusco. The experiential tourism project of the increase of the ecotourism route of Cuyuni Viewpoint positively influences the community because most of its people are dedicated to tourism, a sector that favors the economy of their families.

To conclude, the experiential project of the community of Cuyuni viewpoint has made it possible to have a better organization as far as the reception of the tourists. What’s more, currently municipal authorities work to train young people in the community with the goal that they can specialize in the careers of administration, accounting, tourism and gastronomy.

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