Cusco’s most famous restaurants

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Do you planto travel to Cusco, but still do not know what restaurant to eat? Do not worry more, then we share a list of establishments in which the richest dishes of the Cusco gastronomy are prepared. Just pay attention to this great culinary guide:

Famous restaurant Cusco

Manka bar

Manka Bar is located in the Hotel Casa del Sol Machu Picchu and offers its guests a privileged view of the river Vilcanota. The Cusquenian Restaurant has a team ofren owned chefs that include millennial inputs, which are cultivated by the peasant communities of the region. In addition, the rooms are ideal for those who want to spend a fun night, tasting delicious drinks and a good conversation.


Pachapapa is located in the neighborhood of San Blas, opposite a church of the same name.In this restaurant eating means to be part of an energetic ritual, in which the chefs place the ingredients in pots of clay, hoping that the most exquisite aromas are detached to be able to taste the banquet. In addition, its facilities perfectly embody the traditions, mysticism and art of the Cusco region.

Chicha by Gastón Acurio

Chicha is located in the Plaza rejoicing, very close to the Municipal Palace and operates under the direction of the renowned Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio, this establishment has the purpose of keeping alive the traditions of the region asthey incorporate Innovative culinary techniques. In addition, it is characterized by working with local producers, paying homage to the richest gastronomic dishes of Cusco.

Morena Peruvian Kitchen

Morena Peruvian Kitchen is located in the street of Silversmiths, in the historical center of Cusco, there are prepared delicious dishes typical of the coast, jungle and Sierra of Peru. Also, rich lunches are made for those who opt for vegetarian food. This establishment seeks that its diners enjoy a real culinary journey in which the protagonist is the Peruvian flavor.

Restaurant Cicciolina 

The restaurant Cicciolina Bodega is located in Calle Ruinas 465, inside a house built in colonial times. It has an excellent team of chefs, who care about preserving the unique flavor of their dishes. Its facilities are perfect for those who want to enjoy a family lunch or a couple as the workers of this establishment treat with great kindness and cordiality.


Limo Restaurant is located very close to Cusco’s Plaza de Armas. The establishment has been designed for those who wish to leave their problems behind, observing the city centre with a glass of pisco in hand. On the other hand, its chefs have managed to merge the Asian and Peruvian gastronomy offering delicious dishes such as sushi and tiradito, thus becoming a true reference to the gastronomy of Cusco.

As you can see, choosing a restaurant is just as important as booking your entrance to Machu Picchu because in these establishments you will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique flavors of the most representative dishes of the Cusco region.

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