Cusco Airport: Everything you need to know

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Today we will know a little more about the Cusco International Airport Alejandro Velasco Astete. It is said that each year it receives more than 2500 people, it is located less than 5 kilometers from the Plaza Armas of Cusco and you can go by bus, taxi or minivan.

Cusco Airport History

The Cusco airport began operating more than 50 years ago, receiving both national and international flights. It is located in San Sebastian, in the district of Wanchaq, place that receives the largest number of tourists in all of South America.

The name of the airport was put in honor of the first pilot who crossed the Andes more than 90 years ago: the peruvian Alejandro Velasco Astete. He died by preventing an accident in an exhibition area in Puno. It was the authorities of that time, which in recognition of their heroism chose such a name for that space.

Cusco Airport Timetable

The Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport terminal is very complete, its parking lot is located in front of the main door, it has restaurants with WI-FI, which is available after having made a consumption. Also, it is important to clarify that the airport is open from 05:00 am to 10:00 pm

Spaces for the public

As for the public area of ​​the airport we must indicate that it has a currency exchange, a club lounge, ATMs, an information module for tourists, restaurants, snack stands, souvenir shops, a massage area and a bookstore.

The boarding area of ​​the Cusco Airport Alejandro Velasco Astete

boarding area of ​​the Cusco Airport

On the other hand, the boarding area of ​​the Cusco International Airport Alejandro Velasco Astete are 100% comfortable. They also have a snack stand, 4 high-end stores and 2 coffee shops where you can taste hot drinks, sandwiches, etc.

Modifications for the futurecusco airport modifications 2019

Today it is known that more than 5 million soles will be invested to modify and expand the Alejandro Velasco Astete International Cusco Airport. These works will be aimed at improving the parking, the ckeck-in area, the boarding and disembarkation rooms. Work will also be carried out on the relocation of the airport stores.

Thousands of people are going to Cusco, which is why it is necessary to have one more airport. This space is being built in the district of Chinchero and will have twice the capacity of the Cusco International Airport Alejandro Velasco Astete. In addition, this will be located 30 kilometers from Cusco and will operate from the years 2021.

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