Celebrate the New Year in Machu Picchu

new year in machu picchu 2020

Machu Picchu is considered one of the ideal places to receive the New Year. Many tourists travel to the Inca citadel with the purpose of recharging their energy, observing the most spectacular landscapes. It is a different experience in which you take advantage of the tourist attraction that is currently considered the best spiritual center in the world.

Celebrate the New Year in Machu Picchu in a different way

Why start the New Year in the Inca Citadel?

Compared to other destinations, there are no inconveniences to visit Machu Picchu on the first day of the year. Tourists can enjoy this special date, as long as they respect the rules governing the visit to the Inca citadel. Also, it is important to book the accommodation in advance due to the huge tourist influx.

Machu Picchu acquires a festive atmosphere that moves tourists, filling them with happiness and a lot of positive energy. The Inca citadel is able to awaken different types of emotions, there are those who are astonished, smile or cry, the latter is due to the impact of being present in a construction of thousands of years ago, located on the slope of a mountain cusqueña.

New Year’s Eve in Aguas Calientes

The district of Aguas Calientes hosts concerts, parties and fireworks during New Year’s Eve 2020. Many tourists decide to join the celebration by adopting the various cabalas typical of the American continent such as wearing dried lentils in their pocket, eating the twelve grapes, drinking champagne or lighting incense.

During the New Year, everything is decorated with yellow objects such as chains, flowers, festive hats, etc. The streets of the Cusqueño district are flooded with vendors who encourage tourists to celebrate New Year’s Eve with great enthusiasm.


It is important that you do not forget to book your ticket to Machu Picchu, your train ticket and your exclusive accommodation in Machu Picchu. Remember that many tourists will come up with the same thing so you have to plan everything so that you can focus on imagining what the day will be like when you will travel the Inca Trail, observing the most spectacular landscapes from the top of the mountain.

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