Located on sacred grounds

A magical Machu Picchu hotel boutique

We were inspired by our ancestors to offer personalized attention to each guest, we seek to surprise more than once from their assistance in the train to transfer them to the reserved room.

Our environments respect and preserve the history we inherit so we personalize each installation with Andean motifs to complement the magical stay of the guest.

Live the modern and the traditional

Our facilities are designed to complement your multi-sensory experience while you rest, in a place where nature, modernity and the mystic blend. Giving you the comfort and energy you deserve during your adventure in Machu Picchu.

Feel how the weather has wrought a wonder to the rhythm of the Vilcanota River from your window, or enjoy the services and experiences that are at your disposal during your stay at the hotel.

Machu Picchu Restaurant

We deeply believe in the talent of our ancestors, who were able to produce and innovate organic food, unique in the world. Many of our supplies come directly from our peasant communities in Cusco, with support programs that support Casa del Sol Hotel Machu Picchu, in coordination with the communities.


The Machu Picchu Spa

With panoramic view to the Vilcanota river. Each multi-sensory experience provides relaxation, restoration and a serious healing benefits. Our ancestral methods of relaxation and the use of millennial products and ingredients that come from the Inca culture (coca leaves, quinine, corn and sacha inchi) ensure well-being and balance.Your mind, body and spirit will be completely renewed.


Machu Picchu Bar

The atmosphere of our bar will be an accomplice of the fun night that will spend trying the exquisite drinks prepared by our bartender. A wide selection of cocktails and drinks you will not be able to resist. Ideal to get to know the nightlife of Machu Picchu without leaving the hotel, interacting with other visitors, who like you will have more than an anecdote to share.


Experience the mystical and the adventure

Ceremony to the Pachamama

The Andean sages hold a ceremony of offering to the mother earth (La Pachamama) to continue to provide health, prosperity and protection to the participants.


Private tour to Machu Picchu

Visit the citadel of Machu Picchu with a tour guide exclusively for you. It is a comfortable and organized way that will allow you to discover in detail the mysteries that this destination holds.


Sawakuy vow renewal

An Andean priest evokes the sacred deities: the Apus who represent the male side and offer them the protection and the Pachamama who represents the Woman and who will provide them with happiness.


News of Cuzco

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